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2017 in review and my writing goals for 2018

2017 is drawing to a close. Just three more days and we’ll be into 2018. For me, the week between Christmas and the New Year is always a time to look back at the past year and make goals for the next year. So, how did I do on my writing goals for 2017? A year ago, I posted my goals for 2017, which were: Write and publish two English novels.  I did achieve that goal. My medical romance Falling Hard was published in April, and Perfect Rhythm, a romance novel with an asexual main character, was published in September. …

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A heart-felt thank-you from Jae, full-time writer

Today is a very special day for me. I just came home from work—my day job as a psychologist—for the very last time. Tomorrow, my new life as a full-time writer begins. Even now that I type this, I almost can’t believe it. But as exciting and great as this is for me, I don’t want to make this blog post about me. I want to make it about the incredible people who supported me, encouraged me, and were part of fulfilling my big dream. First and foremost, I want to thank my friends and my sister. When I told …

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New beginnings

I had hoped to make the announcement that I am embarking on a new adventure with a lighter heart. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Six months ago, Roxanne Jones, CEO of L-Book ePublisher, and I planned on making this announcement together. But sadly, Roxanne passed away on September 26. As of October 2012, I will no longer be publishing with L-Book. My older novels will still be available from L-Book for now, but my new books, starting with Manhattan Moon (available now) and Something in the Wine (in November), will be published with Ylva Publishing, a German …

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Sad news

Most of you have probably heard that Roxanne Jones, the CEO of L-Book, my publisher, passed away on September 26. I’m a writer and a psychologist, so I work with words all day, but in situations like this, I don’t know what to say. When I first met Roxanne (almost to the day five years ago), I didn’t have much of a clue about the publishing business. Back then, L-Book wasn’t a traditional publisher but was “just” publishing computer-generated audio books. Over the course of the past five years, L-Book and I grew together. L-Book added e-books and then paperbacks. Roxanne was great with all the …

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The setting of my lesbian romance Something in the Wine

When I first started doing research for my newest novel, Something in the Wine, I decided to set it in Paso Robles, California. Once I decided on the location, I looked for a place within driving distance where one of the romantic key scenes could take place. When I stumbled across a website of Moonstone Beach, I knew I had found the perfect location. Two of my beta readers have visited Moonstone Beach and sent me photos (Thank you to RJ and Erin for letting me use a few of the photos for this blog post).   Here’s a description …

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Golden Crown Literary Society Awards

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) held its annual conference last weekend, and the GCLS awards (“Goldies”) were presented on Saturday. I woke up to an inbox full of e-mails, telling me “congratulations,” but giving me no clue as to what I had won since three of my novels had been shortlisted. The GCLS hadn’t posted the award winners yet, so I clicked through all e-mails until I got to messages from Jeanine Hoffman, a fellow L-Book author who attended the conference. She e-mailed me on her iPhone during the award presentation, telling me Backwards to Oregon had just won …

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