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Interview with fellow writer Kim Pritekel

Welcome to the second in my series of interviews with fellow (full-time) writers. Today, I’m interviewing Kim Pritekel. Kim started writing at the age of nine, wrote her first novel at twelve, and was published for the first time at twenty-four. She is now published with Sapphire Books. I haven’t read all of her novels yet, but I loved Connection (which you might know as The Collector, which was the title of the online version), Lessons, and Twilight (again, no, not that Twilight—I like Kim’s much better). So here’s what Kim had to say about her life as a writer. …

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Things I liked in lesbian fiction

Yesterday, I blogged about the common mistakes I find in lesbian fiction. Since I don’t want you to think I’m seeing just the negative things, here’s a list of what I liked in the thirty-six lesfic novels I read in 2010.   Fresh, beautiful language and vivid descriptions in “Barking at the Moon” by Nene Adams. Examples: superman blue pickup truck. Or: Hennaed hair teased as high as gravity and industrial-strength hairspray allowed.   A psychologist who’s neither unethical nor incompetent in “Battle Scars” by Meghan O’Brien. The book also describes posttraumatic stress disorder in a realistic way.   The …

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common mistakes in lesbian fiction

I’m participating in the 50-book challenge this year. I just finished reading lesbian romance number 36, and there are a few mistakes I see over and over again. I’m not saying that you’ll find these mistakes just in lesbian fiction. I’m also not saying that I never committed any of these mistakes (I wish!). But they’re what I most often notice in lesbian fiction and what pulls me out of the story for a moment, so they’re on my list of things to look for when I revise and edit my own novels. So here’s my list of annoying mistakes …

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