New beginnings

I had hoped to make the announcement that I am embarking on a new adventure with a lighter heart. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Six months ago, Roxanne Jones, CEO of L-Book ePublisher, and I planned on making this announcement together. But sadly, Roxanne passed away on September 26. As of October 2012, I will no longer be publishing with L-Book. My older novels will still be available from L-Book for now, but my new books, starting with Manhattan Moon (available now) and Something in the Wine (in November), will be published with Ylva Publishing, a German …

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Sad news

Most of you have probably heard that Roxanne Jones, the CEO of L-Book, my publisher, passed away on September 26. I’m a writer and a psychologist, so I work with words all day, but in situations like this, I don’t know what to say. When I first met Roxanne (almost to the day five years ago), I didn’t have much of a clue about the publishing business. Back then, L-Book wasn’t a traditional publisher but was “just” publishing computer-generated audio books. Over the course of the past five years, L-Book and I grew together. L-Book added e-books and then paperbacks. Roxanne was great with all the …

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New release from RJ Nolan

My publisher, L-Book, has just released two new books, including “L.A. Metro” by RJ Nolan. “L.A. Metro” started out as a popular online story but has been thoroughly rewritten, extended, and edited. Here’s a summary: Dr. Kimberly Donovan’s life is in shambles. After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her. Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and LA Metropolitan Hospital. Dr. Jess McKenna, LA Metro’s Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons. When Kim …

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Cocktail Hour

I’ve been a guest on the Cocktail Hour last night (well, evening for me, but early afternoon for Andy & The Rev). In their fun podcast, they discuss lesbian fiction and fanfiction. Sometimes, they have the author of the book they discuss on the show. And they always have a cocktail (or two, or three :-)). This show’s cocktail was the Sweet Tight Pussy– okay, this blog is now rated NC-17 because of a cocktail :-) My own cocktail was much more tame in alcohol content and name. It’s called “Police Control” (pineapple juice, cream, coconut syrup, grenadine, and chocolate …

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Hidden Truths

Wooohooo! My fifth novel, Hidden Truths, has finally been published! Hidden Truths is a sequel to Backwards to Oregon, taking place 17 years after the journey to Oregon. You’ll meet Luke and Nora again and get to know their daughters as adults, and you’ll also meet new characters. “Luke” Hamilton has been living as a husband and father for the past seventeen years. No one but her wife, Nora, knows she is not the man she appears to be. They have raised their daughters to become honest and hard-working young women. But even with their loving foundation, a few fears …

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Rainbow Romance Award

Seems this is the month of awards for L-Book authors. First, Fran Heckrotte was awarded the Alice B. Medal, an award that is given to writers who “have careers distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians.” Today I found out that Conflict of Interest won a Rainbow Romance Award for Excellence in the romantic suspense category.  Next of Kin placed third in the same category, and Second Nature holds the third place in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category. Congratulations to all winners and runners-up!  

GCLS award celebrations

To celebrate the “Goldie” winners and finalists, L-Book gives a 5% discount on all books. This applies to all books, not just the GCLS award winners and finalists. The discount code is: GCLS-4528 In addition, I’m giving away one free signed copy (paperback) of Next of Kin, Backwards to Oregon, and Second Nature. Send me an e-mail (jae_s1978 AT yahoo DOT de) or leave a comment to this blog post, and I’ll enter you in the drawing. If you are interested in one or two of the books in particular, let me know that too.