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Celebrity romance novels (Lesbian Book Bingo #6)

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony took place earlier this month, so I thought this would be a good time to post the recommended reading list for the celebrity romance square of the Lesbian Book Bingo. If you need to brush up on the book bingo rules, check out the rules post. I think what makes celebrity romances so appealing to many readers is that we get to see the glamour, but also the downside of fame. Whether the famous person is an actress, an athlete, or a singer, love in the limelight has its challenges. Often, seeing two very different …

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How long does it take to write a novel?

When I tell people I’m a writer, most of them ask me one of two questions: “Where do you get your ideas?” Or “How long does it take to write a book?” Since I had a new novel out this month, I thought I’d answer both of these questions. I came up with the idea for my contemporary romance Damage Control in February 2014, while I was working on Departure from the Script, book 1 in the Hollywood Series. Michelle, the butch main character of Departure from the Script, expresses her admiration for Grace Durand, an actress who, according to …

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