Women in uniform (Lesbian Book Bingo #1)

I’m very excited to share the first post of the long-awaited Lesbian Book Bingo with you. In case you missed the rules post and don’t know what Lesbian Book Bingo is all about, read up on the rules and then come back to this post for your first bingo square. I picked “women in uniform” as the theme for the first reading list since they are such popular heroines. Whether they are in the military or part of the police force or other first responders, there’s something about a woman in uniform that makes us swoon. Maybe it’s their integrity …

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Conflict of Interest has been published!

Conflict of Interest was the first novel-length work I ever wrote in English. The feedback I got from readers after the first edition was published encouraged me to keep writing and to keep writing in English. It’s a big part of what brought me to my current situation—living happily as a full-time writer—so this novel does forever hold a special place in my heart. I’m glad that the second, improved version of Conflict of Interest now found a new home with Ylva Publishing. My wonderful editor Nikki Busch and I worked hard to make this second edition a much cleaner, …

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Rainbow Romance Award

Seems this is the month of awards for L-Book authors. First, Fran Heckrotte was awarded the Alice B. Medal, an award that is given to writers who “have careers distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians.” Today I found out that Conflict of Interest won a Rainbow Romance Award for Excellence in the romantic suspense category.  Next of Kin placed third in the same category, and Second Nature holds the third place in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category. Congratulations to all winners and runners-up!  

Puzzled by reader feedback

Recently, I’ve been puzzled by some of the feedback from readers that I got. But before I start explaining, let me say that this is not about a writer whining about negative or critical feedback. I appreciate constructive criticism, and I try to learn from it. In fact, if sites such as Amazon provided e-mail addresses I’d contact readers who pointed out flaws in my books and ask them to test read my works in progress. So let me explain what’s so puzzling about the feedback I got. I stumbled across a review of Conflict of Interest on Amazon. One …

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