Books read in 2011

Here’s a list of the lesfic books I have read so far in 2011.
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# 1 — Rum Spring by Yolanda Wallace

Rebecca, an Amish teenager, falls in love with Dylan, an “English” girl. Fairly good and refreshingly different, even though it could have dipped deeper into some of the issues.

# 2 – Jericho by Ann MacMan

It has been ages since I read online fiction, but for some reason, I stumbled over this one… and I’m glad I did. It’s a story with great character development and witty dialogue.

# 3 – Out of Love by KG MacGregor

A solid read, but not my favorite among KG’s novels

# 4 – Indigo Moon by Gill McKnight

The second book in this series, Ambereye, was one of my favorites of 2010. This one wasn’t quite as good, but still a solid, entertaining read with beautiful descriptions of the wolven senses. And for once, we have a character (Isabelle) who isn’t overly beautiful or doesn’t think she is.

# 5 – Parties in Congress by Colette Moody

Bijal, who works to get her republican boss elected to congress, finds herself attracted to the political enemy, Congresswoman Colleen O’Bannon. A fun read with fresh dialogue and a spunky first meeting.

# 6 – Something to Believe by Robbi McCoy

A solid read about two women who are already in relationships with other people when they fall in love with each other. We meet all four women in chapter one and dip into each of their point of views, which made it a bit hard to keep them all straight in the beginning.

# 7 – Loving Liz by Bobbi Marolt

One thing that Bobbi Marolt does very well is to “personalize” the romance and make it something that could only happen between these two characters. I noticed that in “Between the Lines” too. You will never guess what Liz brings to their first date instead of flowers J

# 8 – Dying to Live by Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou

The novel is well-researched with good action scenes. A lot of different characters from previous novels in the series are mentioned, along with their cover names and the names of their partners, which made it really hard to figure out who’s who.

# 9 – To Have and to Hold by Peggy J. Herring

I would say it’s an average read. Not bad, but some issues are never really resolved or wrapped up too quickly.

# 10 – Yours for the Asking by Kenna White

Another average read. The obstacles keeping them apart were a bit weak.

# 11 – Blood Hunt by L.L. Raand

If you read it for what it is, an erotic paranormal romance, it’s not bad. Radclyffe a.k.a. L.L. Raand really knows how to write erotica. But other than going through mating fever, there’s not much relationship development between the werewolf couple.

# 12 – Julia’s Song by Ann O’Leary

Instant attraction between a lesbian rock star and a straight reporter. Had a few “telling” issues. I read the 1998 Naiad Press version, so I’m not sure if the new edition is any different.

# 13 – True Confessions by PJ Trebelhorn

An average read. I’m not very fond of plots in which a mere misunderstanding keeps the characters apart, even though it could be cleared up with one simple conversation. On the plus side, the story has a relatively clean point of view.

# 14 – Mirrors by Marianne K. Martin

A novel about so much more than two women falling in love. It’s about forgiving yourself, accepting yourself, and overcoming your fears. The characters really deserved their happy end.

# 15 – The Chronicles of Ratha – Children of the Noorthi by Erica Lawson

An entertaining read. Somehow, I couldn’t get a good grasp on the supporting characters, and the ending felt as if there’s more to come. There might be a sequel planned.

# 16 – Waking Up Gray by R. E. Bradshaw

I had a bit of trouble getting into the story because there was some “telling” of character backstory and omniscient descriptions at the beginning, but once I got past that, it was an entertaining read.

# 17 – Call Me Softly by D. Jackson Leigh

A solid read that provides a few hours of pleasant entertainment. I think even people who are not exactly horse lovers will enjoy this novel.

# 18 – Gun Shy by Lori L. Lake

I read the online version years ago and now bought the e-book. Unlike many lesbian fiction novels, this has a nice length, so we get to know the characters well. The main characters, Dez and Jaylynn (who might remind you a bit of Xena and Gabrielle), are likeable and well-developed. The author doesn’t have them jump into bed but takes her time developing the relationship.

We also get interesting glimpses into police work as Jaylynn trains to be a police officer and Dez is her Field Training Officer.

There were a few editing issues, but not enough to diminish my enjoyment of the story.

So, which lesbian fiction novels have you read this year? Any you can recommend?

The Romance Bet by Jae

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5 thoughts on “Books read in 2011”

  1. I happen to like anything by Nicola Griffith. Stay and Always were good.
    Passion’s Shadow Nicole Conn
    Elena Undone not bad way too short
    The World Unscene by Shamim Sarif. Good just too short.
    Haven’t read Despite the Falling Snow yet.
    Santa Olivia ,Jacqueline Carey, I have liked all of her books
    Tansie Erika Kimpton – It is an old one.Though it got bad review and some people hated it I liked it
    Rubyfruit Jungle Rita Mae Brown wasn’t bad
    Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larrson, Still working on it.

  2. Thanks for your list, Cindy! A few of those books, including two of Nicola Griffith and Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, are on my to-be-read list too.

  3. Have you ever read anything by Chris Anne Wolfe? She doesn’t have many books (she lost her battle with cancer some years ago), but I’ve liked what I’ve read so far:

    Shadows of Aggar (A sci-fi fantasy/romance)
    Roses and Thorns (Beauty and the Beast retold)
    Annabel and I (historical fantasy/romance)

    I particularly liked the last two, though I wish Roses and Thorns hadn’t ended so quickly. As far as I can tell, she has two other books, but I’ve yet to try them.

    Good luck with your writing! I’m eagerly awaiting True Nature.

    • Thanks for commenting, Robin.

      No, I haven’t read any of Chris Anne Wolfe’s books, but I heard of her. Right now, I’m reading “Keeper of the Piece” by Lesley Davis, who mentioned Wolfe’s books in her acknowledgements. Maybe I should put her books on my (very long) to-be-read list.


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