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Blind Date with a Sapphic Book

Blind Date with a Sapphic Book

To celebrate Romance Month, I thought it would be fun to create a month-long event with a sapphic take on “Blind Date with a Book.”

Traditionally “Blind Date with a Book” is when a library or bookstore wraps several books in brown paper and writes a few clues about their contents on each one. Readers then pick a book to “date” without being able to judge the book by its cover (or back cover description).

Since most libraries and mainstream bookstores don’t carry a wide variety of sapphic books, especially not books by small LGBT+ presses and indie authors, and the majority of us don’t live near one of the few remaining brick & mortar LGBT+ bookstores, I thought a virtual Blind Date with a Sapphic Book would be perfect.

It will be filled with discounted books, giveaways, free reads, and new favorite books & authors to discover!

How does it work?

Instead of paperbacks wrapped in boring brown paper, you’ll find 20 rainbow-colored doors below. Behind each door, a sapphic romance novel is waiting for you to take it out on a date.

Each door displays its book’s “dating profile.” If one captures your interest, click on it to “unwrap” the book. The door will open, revealing your bookish date. Make sure to scroll all the way down. At the bottom of each door, you’ll find a link to where you can get the book at a discount, download it for free, or enter a giveaway to win it. 

The best thing: If you want, you get to unwrap and go on a date with all of the books, so you can find your perfect match!

Find a new literary love every week in February!

The 20 books below aren’t the only blind dates you can go on a literary date with. 

Each week in February, I’ll switch out our eligible book dates for 20 new reads for you to discover. A  new round of blind dates will begin on: 

  • February 1: That’s when the event will start and you’ll be able to “unwrap” each book by clicking on the squares below. 
  • February 8
  • February 15
  • February 22

If you’d like to find out right away each time the new bookish dates are available, sign up for the email reminder here. It’s not part of my blog or my newsletter, so you won’t get any other emails. 

door-Blind date 1
door-Blind date 2
door-Blind date 3
door-Blind date 4
door-Blind date 5
door-Blind date 6
door-Blind date 7
door-Blind date 8
door-Blind date 9
door-Blind date 10
door-Blind date 11
door-Blind date 12
door-Blind date 13
door-Blind date 14
door-Blind date 15
door-Blind date 16
door-Blind date 17
door-Blind date 18
door-Blind date 19
door-Blind date 20

Want more dates with sapphic books?

If you’d like to discover even more new-to-you sapphic books and authors, check out the I Heart SapphFic BookFinder. It allows you to search for any type of sapphic book you might be in the mood for.

Want to read a sapphic fantasy? A fake-relationship romance with a bisexual character? An adventure novel about lesbian pirates? Let the IHS BookFinder point you in the right direction.

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