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Bachelorette Number Twelve by Jae

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Bachelorette Number Twelve

A kind ER nurse accidentally wins a date with a prickly doctor at a singles auction

Ellie Fisher loves most things about being a nurse in the emergency department…just not working with Regina Novak, an icy attending physician who acts as if she’s God’s gift to medicine.

The dislike is completely mutual. Regina thinks Ellie is a starry-eyed romantic with a sentimental attitude that has no place at work.

When Regina gets talked into volunteering at a singles auction, Ellie accidentally bids on her—and ends up winning. Oops!

Since the money raised is for a good cause, they reluctantly decide to go through with the dates.

Thanks to a baking class that turns into a competition and a hot-as-hell road trip snack incident, the ice between them starts to thaw. Is it possible the ER isn’t the most unromantic place on earth after all?

Reading companion: If you’d like to look at pictures of places, outfits, and yummy dishes mentioned in the book while you read, check it out here.

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