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Anniversary book giveaway

Anniversary giveaway

This week, I have a big anniversary to celebrate: Ten years ago today, I published my first book with Ylva Publishing!

My very first Ylva book was my paranormal romance novella Manhattan Moon and its German version Vollmond über Manhattan. Both were published on October 21, 2012. A week later, I published my first novel with Ylva, my fake relationship romance Something in the Wine.

While I had previously published five sapphic historical romances, paranormal romances, and romantic suspense novels with L-Book, a US publisher, Something in the Wine was also the first contemporary romance I ever published.


During my ten years with Ylva, I published:


Anniversary book sale & giveaway

It’s been an incredible decade, so I thought I would celebrate with a special giveaway.

Plus one of my romance novels, Paper Love, which is set in my charming hometown, is on sale for only 99 cents on Amazon right now. If you haven’t yet read Paper Love, make sure you get a copy before October 25, 2022, when the price will go back up.

Paper Love by Jae sale


Win three signed paperbacks and romance trope candles!

I’m also giving away a signed copy of my first novel with Ylva, Something in the Wine, plus signed copies of two of my other sapphic fake relationship romances, The Roommate Arrangement and Just for Show.

To make it even more interesting, I’m adding these really cool romance trope candles that match the tropes in the books:

Giveaway Something in the Wine by JaeSomething in the Wine comes with the fake dating candle (which smells of sugary drinks & whipped cream).


Giveaway The Roommate Arrangement by Jae

The Roommate Arrangement comes with the fake dating candle (which smells of sugary drinks & whipped cream) and the grumpy & sunshine candle (which smells of mint and kiwi).


Giveaway Just for Show by Jae

Just for Show comes with the fake dating candle (which smells of sugary drinks & whipped cream) and the only one bed candle (which smells of cantaloupe watermelon sorbet).


Of course, if you would rather win an ebook instead of a signed paperback plus candles, feel free to enter the giveaway anyway!


How to enter the giveaway

Anyone can enter, no matter where you live. To participate, all you have to do is to fill out this form and let me know which of the book-and-candle packages you’d like to win.

Entries close on Tuesday, October 25, at 10 a.m. Central European Time, when I’ll draw the winners using a random number generator. Winners will be notified via email.


Best of luck!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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38 thoughts on “Anniversary book giveaway”

  1. Just finished reading Just a Touch Away. Excellent read. I just picked up a number of your books via Chirp. Looking forward to listen to them.
    Congratulations on your 10 anniversary!! Well Done!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jae.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book of yours.
    I hope to win one as a birthday gift 😊
    Best of life 💜

  3. A bountiful 10 years, and such diversity of subjects. Thank you, and Happy Birthday! Many, many more years of books. Grateful for all you to keep us entertained and reading.

  4. Congratulations on 10 years and so many amazing books. Also thank you for all the other things you do for our community. You are an awesome person!

  5. Thank you and congratulations! What a feat! Right now, I’m listing to audiobook “Wrong Number, Right Woman.” Always enjoy your books.

  6. BIg congratulations on your 10 years with Ylva.
    Thanks for all the activities you do during the year, not only writing fantastic books but also helping other authors, and helping us to discover them!

    I finished last week “Just a touch away” and continued with “The welcome party” and “A great catch”; what I like in your books is not only the story with the slow-burn romance, but that I learn new things (like there are professional cuddlers :D).
    I would go on with “Something in the wine”, as it is the only one from the giveaway that I have not read yet, but it will have to be later as I had already a couple other books for the bingo on line…maybe I will have the chance to read it in paper instead of the ebook version, will keep my fingers crossed!

    Auf jeden Fall, Prost fur Ihre Jubiläums!!!

    • Thanks so much, and thank you for reading Just a Touch Away and the short stories that go with it! I’m glad you enjoyed them and enjoyed learning something new!


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