A recipe from “Perfect Rhythm”: Try an LGBTA sandwich

Nov 3 - National Sandwich DayDid you know that today is National Sandwich Day?

To celebrate, I made myself an LGBTA sandwich–the same type of sandwich that Leo makes for Holly in my latest lesbian romance novel Perfect Rhythm. Holly had come out to Leo as asexual in a previous scene, so Leo is trying to show her acceptance by preparing a special picnic for her.

Here’s a short excerpt from Perfect Rhythm that explains what an LGBTA sandwich is:


Leo tugged Holly down next to her in the middle of the blanket and began to unpack and open containers. Soon, they were surrounded by tomato-mozzarella skewers, grapes, different cheeses, olives, potato salad, fruit salad, French bread, BLT sandwiches, scones, and cookies.

“I think I have everything the heart desires.” Leo presented her bounty with a proud sweep of her hand. “What would you like?”

That was a loaded question. Her heart desired more than what was offered on this blanket. Do it. Do it now. “Leo…”

“Look, I even have LGBTA sandwiches.” Leo held out one of the BLT sandwiches.

For a moment, Holly let herself be distracted from the inevitable. “You mean BLT sandwiches, right?”

“Nope. This is an LGBTA sandwich. It’s got lettuce, garlic mayo, bacon, tomato, and avocado slices. I wanted to make it an LGBTQIA sandwich, but I couldn’t find any ingredients starting with Q or I.” Leo shrugged. “But at least it’s got the A, so it’s an asexual-inclusive sandwich.”

LGBTA sandwichIf you want to try an LGBTA sandwich, here’s the list of ingredients:

  • L(esbian) = lettuce
  • G(ay) = garlic mayo
  • B(isexual) = bacon or, if you are a vegetarian like me, butter cheese. If you are vegan, the bread can stand for the B
  • T(rans) = tomatoes
  • A(sexual) = avocado

It tastes great, so give it a try!

And if you can think of any sandwich ingredients starting with the letters Q or I, let me know!

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4 thoughts on “A recipe from “Perfect Rhythm”: Try an LGBTA sandwich”

  1. Maybe quinoa or quince (though I don’t know if that will taste good). Or you could have quesadillas or a quiche (for an LGBTQIA* [I’m sure there’s still more letters, I always forget] themed picnic/menu). But then you also have one dish for each letter, like l for lasagna or lamb, g for grilled foods or guacamole, b for baguette, t for tomato salad and a for apple pie or something with asparagus. And even though I don’t know any queer identities that start with c, you could do a chocolate cake because chocolate is simply awesome :)

  2. I forgot one with i. If you replace the lettuce with lemon juice (put on the avocado so it doesn’t turn brown), then you can have i too by using iceberg lettuce. :)

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