Pace — speeding up

When to speed up the pace: 1099135_motorcycle_-_blur_focus

You should pick up the pace during action scenes and scenes of high tension or high emotion.

Techniques for speeding up the pace:

  • Shorter chapters
  • Shorter scenes
  • Shorter paragraphs
  • Shorter sentences
  • Use a few sentence fragments.
  • Delete unnecessary phrases and words, including adverbs and adjectives.
  • No long introspections. Keep character thoughts short.
  • No long descriptions of setting or characters
  • Use strong, sharp verbs that sound hard or imply speed, e.g., crashed, whirled.
  • Snappy dialogue
  • End scenes and chapters with cliffhangers, at a moment of high tension.

Created by Krystel Contreras & Jorge Courbis