Monthly update – October 2016

heart troubleOctober and Halloween are over, and we’re heading toward Christmas and the year’s end already! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

October was a record month for me. I had several new books out:

My contemporary lesbian romance Heart Trouble is now available through all major online bookstores.

I also published two nonfiction guides for writers: Show, Don’t Tell and Point of View.

And my holiday-themed romance novel Under a Falling Star is now available as an audiobook!

So, as you can see, I had a lot of reasons to celebrate in October–and I did…cheesecakewith cheesecake! Yum!

I also spent most of one week at the book fair in Frankfurt, the largest book event in the world.

Oh12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_n, I almost forgot: Another reason to celebrate was that my historical romance Shaken to the Core received an honorable mention at the Rainbow Awards, which means that it’s a finalist.

When I wasn’t traveling or eating cheesecake, I mostly worked on my new novel, Falling Hard. I just finished the first draft, and now I’m revising it. It ended up at about 120,000 words, so it’ll be a typical long Jae novel with a lot of time to get to know the characters and enjoy their interactions.


So here are the numbers for October:

 Fiction Writing EditingResearchNonfiction WritingMarketing & AdministrationTOTAL
2016 - TOTAL1,095 hours698 hours312 hours187 hours228 hours2,520 hours
January100 hours66 hours24 hours46 hours15 hours251 hours
February144 hours74 hours43 hours1 hour19 hours281 hours
March65 hours80 hours95 hours---13 hours253 hours
April116 hours87 hours26 hours---11 hours240 hours
May136 hours54 hours---79 hours14 hours283 hours
June108 hours101 hours---4 hours21 hours234 hours
July67 hours66 hours---46 hours36 hours215 hours
August48 hours80 hours78 hours11 hours68 hours285 hours
September149 hours49 hours46 hours---13 hours257 hours
October162 hours41 hours------18 hours221 hours

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  1. November 3, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Congratulations re the Rainbow Awards – very well deserved. I thought “Heart Trouble ” was engrossing and loved the concept. What a treat to listen as well as read. I hope there’ll be more audiobook titles to follow.

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