Get the Hollywood series at a reduced price during Oscar weekend

C5cxIXcWYAEOfBLIt’s Oscar weekend!

To celebrate, Ylva Publishing is rolling out the red carpet and offering my Hollywood series at a reduced price.

Each book can stand on its own and has different main characters:

Departure from the Script is a novella (short novel) about Amanda, an actress who struggles to get her career off the ground. At an anti-Valentine’s party, she meets butch photographer Michelle. She has never been attracted to butch women before, but Michelle has her consider a departure from her dating script.

Damage Control is a slow-burn romance in which world-famous actress Grace is caught in a seemingly compromising situation with another woman. She hires PR expert Lauren to convince the world that she’s straight. But for that plan to succeed, she really shouldn’t fall in love with her…

Just Physical stars spunky actress Jill who has taken herself off the romantic market after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the set of a disaster movie, she meets stuntwoman “Crash.” Despite their growing feelings, Jill is determined to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart.

“Dress-Tease” is a short story that shows a sexy moment between Grace and Lauren from Damage Control.

You can get these books at a reduced price at the Ylva webstore this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the books and the Oscar ceremony!

Celebrating lesbian romance on Valentine’s Day

post-it-861870_640This month, Ylva Publishing and Bywater Books have teamed up to introduce you to a variety of lesbian writers and lesbian fiction novels from all genres.

If you have missed the previous stops on the blog hop, take a look at contributions from Jove Belle, Rachel Spangler, Cheryl Head, Gill McKnight, and Baxter Clare Trautman.

Today, I have the honor of getting to post on Valentine’s Day—and that’s very fitting since I’d like to tell you a little about Departure from the Script, the first book in my Hollywood series. The book not only begins on Valentine’s Day, it has also originally been written for a Valentine’s Day anthology.

Three years ago, I wrote a short story with the title “The Morning After.”

Its main characters, Amanda and Michelle, are an unlikely couple at first glance. Amanda is a wannabe actress who has never been attracted to a butch woman before, and Michelle is a photographer and—you guessed it—the epitome of butchness.

After Amanda suffers through the blind date from hell, she’s thoroughly fed up with romance. At an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, she has a few too many cocktails with the tell-tale name Mind Erasers. The next morning, she wakes up in Michelle’s bed with a hangover, not remembering a thing that might or might not have happened the night before.

That sounds like a fun read, doesn’t it?

Apparently, my readers thought so too, becausedeparture-from-the-script they encouraged me to write another short story about these characters. And when I say encouraged, I mean subtle and not-so-subtle threats and promises of lots of ice cream. Since I can never resist ice cream, I sat down and wrote another short story about these characters…which then grew into a novella…which in turn grew into a short novel. So, by now my readers probably owe me a bathtub full of ice cream.

Long story short (or is it short story long, in this case?), the book was published under the title Departure from the Script. By now, it has turned into an entire series of romance novels set in Hollywood, each book starring different main characters. The latest, Just Physical, has been published in December.

The original short story, “The Morning After,” is now available for free, so if you’d like to get—or give someone else—a little gift on Valentine’s Day, here’s a calorie-free option.

To spare you the searching, here are the links:

The Morning After (free short story)


Barnes & Noble

Ylva Webstore

Departure from the Script (novel)


Barnes & Noble

Ylva Webstore

Bella – where you can get Departure from the Script at 50% off just for today, Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for checking out my contribution to the Ylva & Bywater Blog Hop. Next up is Carol Rosenfeld, whose debut novel, The One That Got Away, has been published by Bywater last June. I haven’t read it yet, but the cover makes me think it has to be a really interesting read, so check out the book and Carol’s blog post tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

And the winners are…

I almost forgot to draw the winners, so thank you for the reminder, Ann Wink

So, just a few hours late, here are the winners of my latest giveaway:


So, Lee F. and Annegret, would you please send me an e-mail (jae and let me know your address so that I can send you each a signed copy of Departure from the Script and one of the coasters.

To anyone else: I’m doing giveaways for each of my books, so if you subscribe to my blog, you won’t miss any of them. My publisher is also doing giveaways, so you might want to subscribe to Ylva’s blog too for more chances to win a book!

Thanks for participating and have a great week!


Giveaway of my book Departure from the Script, plus glass coasters

1My latest novel (or rather novella), Departure from the Script, has been out for a month now, and it’s doing incredibly well. To celebrate that and to say thank you to my readers, I’m giving away two signed paperback copies and two really cool glass coasters.

These coasters look like the clapperboards that are used in movie making and display the book’s cover. I signed them both with a silver marker. Personally, I think they’re almost too nice to be used as a coaster, but then again, maybe I’m just biased ;-)

If you want to participate in the giveaway, all you have to do to enter the drawing is to leave a comment. I will draw the names of the two winners on Monday evening (German time, which means about noon EST), so after leaving a comment, please check back to see if you won!

Good luck, everyone!

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