Shaken to the Core

Genre: Lesbian historical romance
Publication date: June 2016
Length: 386 pages (126,000 words)

Kate Winthrop, the only child of a wealthy shipping magnate, has the course of her life charted for her by her parents. She’s expected to marry well and produce a successor to the Winthrop empire. But Kate has a very different path in mind. Her true passion lies with photography—and with women.

Alone in the city after losing her brother, Sicilian immigrant Giuliana Russo starts working for the Winthrops as a maid. Despite their different social status, Kate and Giuliana become friends, much to the dismay of Kate’s parents.

As the connection between the two women grows, a devastating earthquake hits San Francisco and ignites fires that sweep through the city for three days and nights.

Will the disaster shatter their tentative feelings for each other, or will they find the courage to save each other’s lives—and their hearts?

Join Kate and Giuliana on a journey of danger and discovery in the action-packed historical romance Shaken to the Core, set against the backdrop of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

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I stayed up reading all night because I couldn’t put this book down!

I Read What I Want To

This book is amazing!

The Romantic Reader Blog

Charming romance, strong, admirable women, an unusual setting, great historical storytelling and, as always, with a style which makes the tale unfold with consummate ease.

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Created by Krystel Contreras & Jorge Courbis